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About Bandara Management

Over the years Bandara Group has gained considerable expertise in sales and marketing strategies specific to the hospitality industry. Bolstered further by a well-earned reputation for defining a property’s fundamental characteristics, the company recently extended business objectives to include management services for hotel partners.

Under the division name Bandara Management, the group now works with existing small- to medium-sized hotels in providing sensible and adaptive support with view to increasing sales and revenue. At the same time, Bandara’s flexible and adaptable management assistance allows partners the necessary creative freedom to define as well as refine their individual properties.

As of early 2013 three properties benefit from Bandara Management services: Silavadee Pool Spa Resort and Deva Samui Resort & Spa, both on the island of Samui; and Haadson Resort Khao Lak Phang Nga on Thailand’s Andaman Sea coastline. Each has seen marked business improvement with increasing occupancy rates. In fact both Silavadee and Haadson have begun or have plans for expansion.

Our Service

In the hospitality industry we are only as good as the service we provided the last time we had guest contact. Our most valuable asset is our people.

Thai hospitality is famous throughout the world. Thai people, with their warm and friendly nature, their graciousness, and of course the famous smile, are the reason so many people visit Thailand and return again and again.

Developing the service mind means understanding our guests’ needs then anticipating and delivering superb service that respects Thai ways and culture - service with a smile

We know that the best service comes from a happy, skilled and motivated team and that means happy guests and return business. We believe that the culture of superb service should be embedded throughout the organisation not just in the people who deal with the guests.

It is all about attitude and attention to detail – working as a team and wanting to provide the best for the guest in everything we do.

In order to deliver superb service we must look at how we manage people through systems, controls, training resources, standard operating procedures and how we develop ‘the team’. This directly influences the output of that organisation.