Sushi Misaki Nobu

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Sushi Misaki Nobu is an Omakase-style sushi restaurant specialized in Edomae-sushi. This means that Chef Nobu will be selecting everything you will eat. The minimalist structure of the restaurant is what keeps Sushi Miskai Nobu well preserved for tradition and quality.

As the 10 seats are the perfect amount for Chef Nobu to organize and dedicate his time to each and one of his customers to the best satisfaction. The temperature of the dish is also essential to Chef Nobu; to give his customers the best experience, he will serve all of his courses to the optimum temperature of when it should be eaten, so the customers always taste the dish at their prime every time.

Chef Nobu takes pride in knowing his customers are well taken care of, as his friendly gestures and attitude is always great vibe for anyone to experience his premium appetizers. As precision and speed of how he makes his Sushi and other various delicacies are a wonder for the mouth, many loyal customers will always come back for more of his special courses!

Michelin Guide 2019
The main branch 「鮨みさき」Sushi Misaki in Rain Hill Plaza on Sukhmvit soi 47, was selected as The Plate Michelin in 2019.

Restaurant Information:
Open: Tuesday – Sunday Business hours: 17:00 – 22:30
Closed: Every Mondays
Reservation: 062-495-2386

1. 4000฿ STANDARD EXPERIENCE: 5 Appetizers, 12 Sushi & 1 Roll, 1 Miso Soup & 1 Dessert
2. 6000฿ PREMIUM EXPERIENCE: 5 Appetizers, 12 Sushi & 1 Roll, 1 Miso Soup & 1 Dessert
Plus, Special Ingredient of the day

(Tax 7%, Service Charge 10% excluded)